Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Subframe game


I stripped the sub frame and cleaned up the rust hiding under the shit paint. Then coated it in undercar spray its kinda like a rubbery coating thats rust resistant i'll porb hit it with paint just to try n match it up with the rest of the bike. Its not really that big a deal as its all hidden with covers anyway.

My day off im getting shit done.

Can you seize it? Moped humor at its finest i know.

Its wicked nice outside today so i took a few quick pics of the freshly painted frame so you can seez the flake.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fun with paint

I agree i need a paint booth but i dont have that, what i do have is a side lot and some spray paint. :(

For the frame i used Rusto Black Midnight Metalic. Keep in mind these are just the first coats i have about 3 more to do then clear em.

The frame looks about the same so i won't post pics of it.
Now on with the paint. I wanted to keep the colors simple, for the rear rack tank and a few other little tid bits im using Rusto Oil Rubbed Bronze Metalic.

I got more done today than i had anticipated so that was pretty rad. i finished stripping the frame and tank of old busted paint.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

UPdate right before i go home.

Much much better i think hugs the bar, looks clean and even helps with vibration.
Ok prob not that last one but still.
No its not my mustache is a peace of door strip i had laying around.
It should do the trick.
First we cut...yes im aware of my lack of nice even cutting skillz.
We'er gonna need to try n pretty that up a bit.

I got my hands on a cutoff wheel and grinder so i went ahead and fixed that rear rack/top tube issue.

Moped parts aint free kids!!

I just added a donations button to the top of my blog. I am a tattoo apprentice and don't make one red cent sooo if anyone wants to donate you are now able to. I promise all money will go to this build and not to my meth hobbit or habbit.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Great pumpkin day!!

Whats up dudes and not dudes. I didn't get much done today. My buddy Kenny tattooed me so i was in dispose most of the day but i did manage to pull the clutch today. I discovered that the clutch pads where pretty much shot from the sheer power of the stock Camino...yea that was a joke its ok to laugh. Anyways looks like ima need a new one might as well up grade the springs to im thinking the honda DIO 1500 or so rpm springs should do alright.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Carb cleaned!

Just got my carb back from my buddy, i wish id taken a before pic but i didnt. Trust me this thing was almost solid blue but a little soak in the ultra sonic and tada!!